DAE | Synchro PRO software for BIM

Synchro PRO software for BIM


Synchro PRO is one of the leading 4D construction modeling applications enabling model-based scheduling and simulations. The software brings major benefits to construction professionals, as it is an easy-to-use and intuitive project management platform, with tools that simplify the construction management process at every stage.

A unique feature of Synchro PRO is its 4D project scheduling visualization capability, which allows users to import their design files into the system in order to have a visual, time-lapsed representation of what the project should look like at any given point in its life cycle.

Synchro PRO also features a clash reporting capability that automatically detects potential construction complications in a project, giving users an opportunity to foresee potential risks and delays. Additionally, Synchro PRO supports integration with various planning and scheduling systems.

The benefits of using Synchro PRO for architectural design projects include:

  • Cost reduction: by using comprehensive resource management and see planned versus installed quantity tracking, project and contractor earned value, or critical paths.
  • Communication facilities: all team members and stakeholders can review project information online for clear, collaborative, and productive planning and decision-making.
  • Clash detection: the features of the software allow to deliver safer projects by detecting potential construction complications, notifying users about possible delays.
  • Clear scheduling: with Synchro PRO, all team members can review their own plans, and communicate those plans clearly and quickly. This feature is vital for delivering a well-managed project on time.

If you would like to learn more about Synchro PRO, consider taking our Synchro PRO: basic level course, which contains 9 modules, including the overview of main settings and tools, task management and content creation. See course introduction video and if you would like to get access to all Synchro PRO course video lessons, please contact us at info@daeproject.com.