DAE | BIM design vs 2D CAD design: What are the advantages?

BIM design vs 2D CAD design: What are the advantages?


Many professionals still use the traditional 2D CAD technology for representing their design ideas to clients. Other architectural and construction experts prefer using BIM software for their projects. Determining how and why BIM design is a more desirable methodology could be helpful in increasing profits in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. Here are some advantages of using BIM technology:

  • BIM offers a more complete representation of a building’s design. It takes more than the building’s core components into account. For example, BIM software allows you to design electrical and HVAC systems, as well as the building itself. This means the project team can take full advantage of the space and resources available.
  • With BIM, all project documentation is stored in a single database. Multiple team members can work on the same model and save it to the cloud. This allows the team to work collaboratively online.
  • You can provide more to your clients using BIM than you could with CAD. The models you give to your clients update constantly as you work on your project. Your client can check in any time, which leads to quicker workflow and better communication.
  • Resource tracking is a key component of BIM models. You will be able to figure out how much of each resource you need during the design stage. This can significantly improve the efficiency of the project.
  • Unlike CAD drawings, a BIM model can be enriched with a series of additional information that allow full integration with:
    • structural calculations
    • energy performance calculations
    • construction estimates
    • technical installations
    • maintenance and facility management

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